Street Burglar

Street Burglar

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Street Burglar

Are You Cut Out for Street Burglary? In this thrilling game, you must navigate the streets collecting money, coins and valuable items while dodging bins, bulldogs, police and any other obstacles which might get in your way.

As a street burglar, your agility and quick thinking will be put through their paces as you maneuver the urban environment in search of opportunities to amass an immense fortune while staying one step ahead of law. Each successful heist earns rewards while unlocking new levels with each successful attempt proving more challenging than before!

City streets offer untold riches, yet can also present great danger. To survive on their treacherous streets you'll need to master stealth and avoidance to outwit police force agents and their canine companions; quick reflexes and strategic planning will be essential as you maneuver narrow alleyways, leap over obstacles and dodge oncoming traffic.

As you progress in this game, you'll encounter increasingly elaborate security measures and formidable foes standing between your goal score and victory. Only brave and resourceful players will have any hope of becoming famous street burglars themselves!

Street Burglar provides an exciting gaming experience with its rapid gameplay and intriguing challenges that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. No matter if you are an expert gamer or completely new to online gaming, Street Burglar presents an adventure which will test both your wits and reflexes like few games can!

Are you up for taking on the role of street burglar and exploring the treacherous urban jungle to gain riches? Get set for an electrifying game that puts your skills through their paces! Step onto this high-stakes journey and see if you have what it takes to outwit even the toughest obstacles, becoming the ultimate street thief of them all!

Street Burglar DESCRIPTION

Collect $$, Coins and other valuables. Avoid Bins, Bulldog, Police and other obstructions.