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In this adrenaline-pumping, challenging game, you will be challenged to become an unstoppable ninja swordsman. Your goal is to eliminate as many enemies as possible without being defeated yourself. This game will put all of your defensive abilities to the test as you try to become a formidable swordsman while also preventing others from harming yourself.

As a samurai, you will need to train your reflexes as well as your strategy so that you can outwit and defeat an endless barrage ninjas. Each level has new challenges that require you to adapt quickly in order demonstrate your mastery.

Prepare yourself for waves of agile, cunning adversaries - each with their unique set of challenges - all at once. In order to repel attacks and seize opportunities for quick strikes, you must be able to react quickly.

The dynamic combat and engaging gameplay makes every battle a fascinating test of skills and determination. Stay vigilant, anticipate the next move of your adversary and unleash your full prowess in swordsmanship to come out victorious.

It is not only a game that can improve your fighting skills but also a mental workout. As you strategize, adapt and adjust to a constantly changing battlefield. Every successful battle brings you closer to mastering swordplay, and ultimately reaching ultimate victory!

The immersive gameplay and challenging level experience of "Swordsman", promises a thrilling adventure to players who are looking for an action-packed excitement. Are you prepared to face the challenge and prove your skills as a swordsman extraordinaire? In "Swordsman", you will have to take on the mantle of a swordsman, sharpen your weapon, and battle ninjas until you are victorious.


Kill as many ninja warriors as possible without dieing.