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T.U.S.F.G.E is the ultimate stick-fighting game. Use powerful kicks and punts to win the battles with your opponents.

T.U.S.F.G.E is an exciting game that tests your reflexes as well as your strategic thinking. The dynamic and responsive controls allow for a wide range of martial art techniques to be performed. Battles are exciting and strategic.

As you progress through the levels of this game, you can engage in thrilling one-on-one battles or face multiple opponents. T.U.S.F.G.E provides an authentic martial arts combat experience. Master different fighting styles, anticipate your opponents' movements and maximize efficiency in combat. T.U.S.F.G.E offers a captivating and unforgettable martial arts experience with its stunning visuals and realistic animated characters!

T.U.S.F.G.E not only offers exhilarating game play, but also a range of modes to keep players engrossed. Take on single-player campaigns; compete with friends online in multi-player battles or take part in tournaments where you can prove that you are the master at stick fighting!

T.U.S.F.G.E is a fast-paced fighting game that will immerse you in the action. You can unleash your inner warrior and win each epic battle by all-out fighting!

Prepare your reflexes and sharpen them to take on the adrenaline-pumping T.U.S.F.G.E. experience, where only the most skilled and strongest warriors will triumph. Are you ready for your fighter to take the stage? Now is the time to join this epic stickfighting game and claim your glory!


The ultimate stick fighting game experience allows you to battle it out with other men using kicks and punches.