The Daring Dozen

The Daring Dozen

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The Daring Dozen

The Daring Dozen Challenge, an adrenaline-filled experience, challenges participants to be accurate when shooting eggs from baskets into floating wicker trays above. The challenge is to accurately target eggs, shoot them and then land them into a basket above. The challenge is thrilling, but requires participants to aim and fire with precision.

It takes a brave person with a strong spine to take on this challenge. It is a challenge that requires courage and strength of nerves. You can experience an unforgettable thrill when you carefully align and fire off an egg with high velocity at a range of just three yards, before watching it journey across the sky to its desired landing in an eggs basket!

The Daring Dozen Challenge requires a steady eye and a steady hand to be successful. Precision and control are key to success as participants aim their shot, then fire it confidently at the exact right moment. This is an exciting experience!

The Daring Dozen Challenge not only tests your skill, but also nerve. Participants are encouraged to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, and embrace the excitement of the unknown. This exhilarating activity will test your confidence when under pressure.

The Daring Dozen Challenge is an experience that you will never forget, no matter what your level of shooting ability or experience. You will be pushed to the limit as your adrenaline levels rise as you shoot and aim at floating baskets in order to achieve success. Once the eggs are safely placed inside, it will become one of your most fond memories!

Are You Daring Enough to Face the Daring Dozen Challenges? Are you ready to experience excitement, show a daring spirit and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy? Are You Daring to Take This Daring Dozen Challenge?

The Daring Dozen DESCRIPTION

Shoot the egg out of your basket and land it into the basket floating above.