Throwing Donuts

Throwing Donuts

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Throwing Donuts
Throwing Donuts INSTRUCTIONS

"Throwing Donuts" is an arcade-style game where players control a character by using left and rights arrow keys.

The game is simple but challenging. Players must have quick reflexes to be able to hit the elderly characters successfully with donuts. The game will become increasingly challenging as players advance through it.

In each level, players must maneuver a clown to the best possible position to launch donuts at elderly characters who move. The game is a fun way to play as you aim to hit the target as many times as possible while avoiding obstacles and other obstacles.

"Throwing Donuts'" is a game that will entertain players of any age and ability level. This game provides hours of fun. With its bright visuals, and whimsical premise "Throwing donuts" is a fun gaming experience that encourages players to test their skills to earn high scores.

"Throwing Donuts," a game of lighthearted fun with skill-based challenges, offers a way to enjoy leisure time that is both engaging and fun. The user-friendly controls, and the playful premise of "Throwing donuts", should appeal to a broad audience looking for an immersive and rewarding game experience.

Throwing Donuts DESCRIPTION

Use left and right to move the clown guy around and use spacebar to throw donuts at an old guy.