Treasure Diver

Treasure Diver

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Treasure Diver

Start Your Exciting Treasure Diving Adventure Today

Treasure Diver invites you to take part in an expedition aimed at recovering diamonds from a sunken ship, using your skills as a Treasure Diver to explore ocean depths in search of valuable gems. It requires seamless movement using arrow keys while dodging sharks, octopuses, and crabs while remaining aware of oxygen levels for replenishing. Keep a close watch on oxygen supplies to avoid becoming fatigued during playback! Resurfacing may also be necessary to replenish it when necessary!

This game promises an exhilarating adventure as you venture deep beneath the waves in search of precious diamonds - testing both diving skills and reflexes to see who can capture them first! Don't miss this unique and challenging journey!

Prepare yourself for an immersive journey as you descend deep into the depths and embark on an intriguing quest to obtain precious diamonds. Exploration involves exploring the ocean floor while dodging perilous marine creatures - ultimately leading to finding and retrieving this bounty that awaits! Your resilience and ability to navigate aquatic environments will be put on display here!

Are You Up For the Challenge of Treasure Hunting? Dive deep, outwit sea creatures, and claim what awaits. Good Luck on Your Adventure!

Treasure Diver DESCRIPTION

A ship carrying precious diamonds has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The diamond treasure needs to be collected. Become a Treasure Diver, and collect the precious diamonds. Use all the 4 arrow keys for movement. Avoid the sharks, octopos and the biting crabs. Breathe when needed. Happy Treasure Hunting.