3D Worm

3D Worm

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3D Worm

The 3D Worm is a new, exciting game that will take you on a thrilling journey! This new take on the classic Snake Game is designed to immerse you in a dynamic and exciting 3D world. The 3D Worm adds a new dimension of fun to the Snake game, allowing players the ability to move the worm by using the arrow key. Players can expect to feel fully engaged when they navigate the 3D worm in a visually stimulating environment. The 3D Worm offers a modern twist on the traditional Snake, where players control a line which grows. It also incorporates 3D graphics with immersive gameplay. Say goodbye to the two-dimensional, flat Snake game. Welcome to a new and exciting gaming experience. The worm is a captivating and unique game. Players can expect to have a great time by controlling the worm with the keyboard. The 3D Worm will offer hours of entertainment, as players navigate through a dynamic 3D environment. The 3D Worm is an excellent game for fans of classic Snake games who are looking for a new and innovative twist on a classic. You're about to experience a brand new gaming adventure. Put your skills to test by navigating a worm around a 3D environment.

Move the worm around using the arrow keys


A 3D version similar to the game Snake