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Mastering Combat: Beating enemies and Accumulating Combo points (PDF Version).

Combat is at the heart of many gaming experiences, and knowing how to beat your opponents effectively can make them more enjoyable. In "Allow", combat is an important part of the game. Your goal is to eliminate your opponents before they are able to do damage and earn points with combo strikes.

In order to maximize combat performance in "Allow", players must adopt both offensive and defense tactics. They can destroy their enemies with combo attacks while collecting scores to progress further. Quick reflexes, precise execution, and strategic planning are all necessary to defeat opponents and win the battle.

The key to success is mastering your combat skills and using combo strikes to maximize your points. Timing and accuracy is crucial. Players need to land consecutive strikes to create combos, and quickly build scores. Each successful strike not only damages the enemy, but also contributes to your overall score.

In order to win battles, players must be agile and vigilant. They should always look for opportunities to use devastating combo strikes. They can quickly gain the upper-hand in battles by taking proactive steps and preventing threats.

It takes a lot of practice to master the combat system in "Allow". Players must learn to adapt to their opponents' behavior and identify their weaknesses.

Combat in "Allow" is a thrilling challenge that requires precision, skill and strategic thinking. Combination strikes are used to eliminate enemies and earn points.

The "Allow' challenge can be overcome with perseverance and commitment. The thrill of battle and the desire to master game play can help gamers improve their gaming performance.


Kill all the enemies before they kill you, and use combo moves to rack up more points