BV Ball

BV Ball

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BV Ball

BV Ball combines elements of dodge ball and volleyball with a unique twist. Players must be able to hit a ball repeatedly over an opponent's net in order to keep the ball moving. Unlike volleyball, BV Ball relies on active participation from all players.

BV Ball is similar to volleyball in that players use their hands to move the ball between hits and then continue to do so. They can also use any other part of their body if needed to keep rallies going with little downtime. BV Ball is different in that it requires each hit to be executed with skill. There should never be any downtime during the game!

This game tests the participants' agility, coordination, and teamwork. For maximum excitement, quick feet are required to be ready for the ball as it comes their way! Back-and-forth play between the opponents is constant during play, making it a fast and exhilarating game for everyone!

BV Ball provides a unique combination of social interaction and physical activity, ideal for staying active while developing hand-eye co-ordination skills and teamwork. It's also universally suitable, making it an ideal recreational option for people of any age and ability level.

Whether BV Ball is played casually during a picnic or in a structured tournament format, it will be a memorable experience for everyone who plays. This exciting pastime is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for all participants thanks to its unique combination of athleticism, fun and excitement.


Volleyball type game hit the ball and bounce it over the net.