Shoot Salmon

Shoot Salmon

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Shoot Salmon

The ancient practice of shooting salmon has been handed down from generation-to-generation. This involves the use of spear harpoons in order to catch fresh and delicious salmon for consumption. Hunters wait patiently for the opportunity to strike dockside, eventually bringing home a fresh and rewarding catch.

Salmon fishing requires agility, precision and a thorough understanding of the behavior and habitat of salmon. To penetrate the surface of the water quickly and successfully capture fish, hunters must use spears harpoons with high-speed precision aiming. A physically challenging but rewarding sport. Strength, endurance and an eye for finding Salmon are required.

Shooting salmon is a sport that offers a lot of satisfaction to skilled anglers and fishermen, especially when they use traditional techniques. In addition, salmon shooting is a way to maintain a connection with the natural world and also participate in sustainable food procurement.

Shooting a salmon provides more than just the thrill of hunting: it is an ethical, sustainable food choice. By using traditional fishing techniques to catch their food, fish hunters are able to ensure the quality of that food and its origin. This also relieves pressure from commercial mass-production operations.

The act of salmon hunting can help you gain a greater appreciation for the environment and for other people who are fishing for salmon. You will also learn to respect those who do so and encourage an ethical harvest.

Salmon hunting is a centuries-old tradition requiring patience, skill and a deep respect for nature. It allows people to have a meaningful and sustainable connection to their food source while providing an exciting and fulfilling activity.


Walk around the dock as a fish hunter and catch salmon with your spear harpoon.