Caption Zambo

Caption Zambo

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Caption Zambo

After Iraqi terrorists successfully stole a highly classified file, terrorists pose an immediate and severe security threat for the United States. CAPT. ZAMBO has been assigned the mission of recovering this vital data and disrupting terrorist plans as soon as possible.

At a time when global terrorism poses such a grave risk to national security, protecting classified information is of utmost importance. With stolen files already raising concerns of imminent threat from global terrorism, quick and decisive actions need to be taken immediately in response.

CAPT. ZAMBO's mission is of vital significance; retrieval of a stolen classified file stolen by terrorists could prevent attacks or harm planned against him and protect United States interests from attack by any potential attacks from terror cells. Achieve success on this mission may help put an end to terrorist plotting against us while safeguarding national interests and national interests alike.

CAPT. ZAMBO was unquestionably instrumental to this operation's success; his strategic planning, swift action and unwavering determination all played key roles in recovering stolen information. Not only has his mission secured national security but its completion also demonstrated America's unyielding commitment against threats to its safety and sovereignty.

No matter the high stakes or daunting obstacles presented, CAPT ZAMBO and his military force remain firm in their dedication and resolve in recovering crucial information and disrupting terrorist plans with absolute determination and resolve.

CAPT. ZAMBO's bravery, skill, and resourcefulness will be put through rigorous scrutiny on this mission - one with potentially far-reaching ramifications for US defense forces; recovery of classified files must therefore become a top priority.

CAPT. ZAMBO stands ready to meet any threat posed by terrorists head on and ensure the safety and security of America. Achieved successfully, his mission will not only safeguard vital information but will send out an important signal that the United States won't submit under those who seek to undermine it.


A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. As CAPT. ZAMBO, your mission is to recover this file.