Chicken attack

Chicken attack

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Chicken attack
Chicken attack INSTRUCTIONS

Residents Struggle Again In opposition to Hen Invasion of Mansion

An alarm blares in a mansion as panic units in as contaminated chickens arrive unexpectedly and pose an unprecedented hazard: aggressive invaders pose severe threats to security of all residents inside.

Residents sprang into motion to cease impending chaos. Outfitted with make-shift weapons, they ready to defend their dwelling at any value - as time slips away, instantly filling their as soon as peaceable environment with noises coming from contaminated chickens flapping about.

As contaminated chickens advance, it turns into evident that an efficient protection technique should be put in place with a purpose to repel their relentless assault. Defenders should band collectively, talk successfully and use sources effectively in order to outlive this onslaught of chickens.

As battle erupts between rooster invaders and their protection crew, every second turns into essential as defenders push again with willpower towards what might turn into overwhelming odds to guard what issues most - their dwelling.

After an intense and fierce battle, the tide begins to shift in favor of the defenders. Sensing defeat, contaminated chickens start withdrawing into their pen; finally their clucking dissipating into silence as their flight paths flip away from homesteads and residents have efficiently repulsed the rooster assault on their property.

Exhausted however triumphant, residents take time to have a good time their hard-won triumph. Their resilience and unity proved instrumental throughout a tough wrestle that in the end paid off; this expertise will function a continuing reminder that they have to at all times come collectively in protection of what belongs to them.

Chicken attack DESCRIPTION

Defend the mansion from the infected chickens!!