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ClickDragType will help you discover your inner problem-solver. This engaging game forces you to think out of the box, and challenges your problem-solving abilities. You will have to think quickly and creatively to solve the puzzles by using mouse clicks, drags, and typing. This captivating title promises endless entertainment!

ClickDragType has been developed to provide players with an immersive, captivating gaming experience. Each level has its own challenges, which test your creative thinking to find innovative solutions. ClickDragType's intuitive controls and easy-to-use interface make it suitable for all players.

ClickDragType is a game that requires careful thinking to master. It offers a simple but intricate experience. ClickDragType offers a variety of brain-teasing puzzles.

Simple mechanics and a minimalistic design allow the player to focus on each puzzle. The clean interface also enhances the player's experience for a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

You will need to use a combination of logic, strategy and dexterity as you advance through the levels. You will feel great satisfaction when you complete each puzzle. It will also give you renewed energy for future challenges.

ClickDragType provides a gaming experience like no other - ideal for casual players looking for new challenges, and for veteran puzzlers who want something different! ClickDragType is sure to entertain you and keep you enthralled, no matter the level or genre.

ClickDragType: Are You Up for the Challenge? ClickDragType will take you on a journey filled with brain-boggling challenges and fun. Will you succeed or fall short? Are You?


The only instructions for this game is to click, drag, and type your way to the next puzzle.