Clown Killer

Clown Killer

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Clown Killer

Play the thrilling game "Clown killer" and experience an adrenaline rush. This game requires players to use the fewest shots and to be as accurate as possible in order to eliminate all clowns as soon as possible.

"Clown killer" is a game that will give players an adrenaline rush as they play through the different levels. Each one offers a new and exciting challenge. As each shot is carefully planned to maximize its efficiency and impact, players need to have quick reflexes as well as strategic thinking skills. They also require accuracy and speed as they try to achieve maximum scores.

Dual pistols provide a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Players can unleash a barrage of bullets on clown opponents, and score for each successful takedown. Dynamic gameplay and intuitive controls combine to create a fun and rewarding experience.

"Clown Killer", with its vibrant, immersive world, provides a captivating backdrop to the fast-paced and high stakes gameplay. The colorful aesthetic brings an extra layer of excitement to every gaming session.

"Clown killer" is a fast-paced game with intuitive controls, a visually stunning presentation and a challenging gameplay that's both exciting and challenging. It will appeal to all levels of gamers - whether they are casual players looking for quick entertainment, or veterans seeking new challenges. They will want more action-packed thrills! No matter where you fall, "Clownkiller" will take you on an action-packed and thrilling journey that you'll never forget!


Shoot down as many clowns as you can within the given time, use dual pistols and blow them to pieces.