Combat Heaven

Combat Heaven

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Combat Heaven

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Combat Heaven will provide you with an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you enter a desert battlefield battle where quick thinking and strategy are required to repel enemy jets and tank to ensure your survival in the challenging terrain. You will have to put your survival instincts to the test as you navigate treacherous terrain in the desert dominated by enemies who are out to destroy you!

You will be immersed in a thrilling battle to survive, which pits you against your opponents. The goal is to outwit them and outsmart them. The ultimate test in this game goes beyond survival.

"Combat Heaven", a virtual warfare experience, immerses players in an intense battle scenario. Success depends on quick-thinking, strategic decision making and precision during battle maneuvers. Once you enter the virtual war experience, your every move can tip the balance in favor of victory.

You will have to demonstrate your tactical abilities as you battle against enemy forces, with a desert as the backdrop. To survive on this virtual battlefield where constant enemy tank and jet attacks are occurring, you will need to be quick to respond.

Combat Heaven will test your ability to maneuver through a harsh desert, outwit enemies and come out victorious in a fierce combat. Are you ready to take on this challenging scenario and become the ultimate winner in this high stakes battle? Step into the battlefield, where only dexterous tacticians and sharp minds will survive. Challenge yourself and let “Combat Heaven” push your combat abilities beyond limit!


Lost deep inside a desert, try to survive the attack of enemy jets and tanks for as long as you can.