Cosmic Warriors

Cosmic Warriors

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Cosmic Warriors
Cosmic Warriors INSTRUCTIONS

Are you ready for a cosmic battle of epic proportions? In this thrilling adventure, you'll face other UFOs using powerful laser weapons to fight for victory in a dramatic and frantic encounter! As you navigate dangerous environments and dodge enemy fire and asteroids to reach victory, your skills will be tested!

You must be agile and alert as a cosmic fighter, adapting your strategies constantly to keep up with the competition. As you fight in space battles, your reflexes and decision-making skills will be crucial.

In order to win the cosmic battle, you must be able to utilize laser firepower in a strategic manner and move around obstacles quickly. In order to win this spectacular competition, you will need to use rapid fire and precise aiming to hunt down enemy UFOs.

Navigating the cosmic battlefield is a never-ending challenge that will test your limits and push you to your limit as you fight for supremacy. The intensity of the battle increases with every passing second, requiring you to remain focused as it continues.

This cosmic showdown will determine the fate of our entire universe. Only those with courage, skill and perseverance can win this ultimate test. Are you ready?

Prepare for a thrilling experience where good and evil clash in a spectacular battle! As the forces of evil and good battle for control of space's unforgiving deeps, take command of your spacecraft to meet whatever challenges await you in the inky depths of space.

Prepare for an exciting cosmic adventure. Test your skills and resolve to overcome daunting odds. Will you be a part of the cosmic battleground?

Cosmic Warriors DESCRIPTION

Shoot up the opponent UFO using your lasers but avoid crashing into stray asteroids.