Egg Maze

Egg Maze

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Egg Maze

Egg Maze will challenge you and keep you entertained. In this game players must maneuver a wooden maze to allow an egg to roll freely without falling through its holes. To achieve success, you must carefully balance and tilt it in different directions. You should also keep an eye out to see if the egg falls before continuing with gameplay.

You will need to have steady hands and precision when you take on this challenging game. It requires dexterity and patience as well as expert maneuvering. This is a true test of control under pressure.

The goal of a maze is to prevent an egg from falling through any of the holes. It is important to calculate and plan each move so that the egg moves along its intended route and stays out of danger. It's a thrilling experience that requires concentration and skill.

This exciting game will test your coordination, precision and control. Mastery of the labyrinthine course will help you gain greater precision and control in your every move. One wrong tilt can send the egg flying off course.

Egg Maze will not be for the timid. Its challenge and excitement promises an unforgettable gaming experience to both experienced and newcomer gamers. No matter what your skill level is, Egg Maze will provide a memorable challenge!

Test your skills to see if you can master the Egg Maze Challenge! You're up for the challenge!


Tilt the wooden maze up down left and right to roll the egg but avoid dropping it in the holes.