FlashTrek: Assault

FlashTrek: Assault

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FlashTrek: Assault
FlashTrek: Assault INSTRUCTIONS

Are you prepared for the enemy assault on your station? FlashTrek Assault may be right for you! In this thrilling title, players will be asked to actively engage their station in combat against invasion from enemy troops. They can also use their phasers as weapons to fight any potential invaders.

FlashTrek Assault has even more to offer! FlashTrek: Assault offers even more!

Be prepared to face various obstacles and challenges as you play this game. As you try to defend your station from enemy forces, your strategic abilities will be tested.

FlashTrek: Attack puts the fate of your station into your hands. Take decisive decisions and ensure that it is protected. Be alert to enemy attacks and allocate resources to protect your station.

FlashTrek Assault offers a thrilling and immersive gaming environment that will keep players engaged for hours. With engaging gameplay and interactive features, players can test their strategic thinking and combat abilities in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

FlashTrek: Attack is coming! In this immersive and thrilling game, you will have to put your skills to test by defending your station from relentless enemy attacks! Now is the time to test your defenses!

FlashTrek: Assault DESCRIPTION

Shoot down the incoming enemies using your phasers from the station, upgrade, and build ships.