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Mahjongg (or Mahjong in its English form) is an ancient Chinese game which requires players to remove all stones from a board by making pairs, testing observation skills, strategic acumen and quick decision-making skills in equal measures.

Game Pieces comprises an arrangement of beautifully decorated stones placed in a pattern and stacked upon one another in a stacking format, often decorated with intricate designs to enhance its visual appeal.

Players begin by carefully scanning an arrangement of stones in search of pairs to remove. When discovered, once identified they may be removed; however some stones may not be accessible due to being blocked by others adding further complexity and adding to the game experience.

As players progress through a game, they must strategize their moves carefully so as to uncover and match as many pairs as possible. Each move needs to be planned carefully as its effects on other stones is significant.

Game Objective: Clear the Board! By successfully matching all pairs of stones on a board. This may require careful observation, logic thinking and some luck; the challenge lies in having limited moves available and needing to continuously assess and reevaluate pairing opportunities on your own board.

Mahjongg offers more than entertainment; it provides an enjoyable way to unwind and focus on an activity with long-term benefits. Perfectly suitable for solo play as well as shared with others for added social fun! Friendly competition between participants makes for a dynamic yet immersive puzzle solving experience!

Mahjongg is an engaging game that tests players to clear a board by matching pairs of stones on it, providing both visual appeal and strategic challenge to anyone looking for an enjoyable mental activity. So get out your stones and prepare to put your observation and matching skills through their paces!


Remove all of the stones by making pairs!