Millenium Fighter

Millenium Fighter

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Millenium Fighter
Millenium Fighter INSTRUCTIONS

Are You Ready to Pilot the Fearsome Millenium Fighter and Dominate the Skies? This superior plane comes armed with highly effective weapons able to unleash on enemy plane fighters - your mission as its pilot needs to be clear: interact and remove any opposition for an unbeatable return again residence!

The Millenium Fighter places you answerable for cutting-edge aviation know-how for an unforgettable aerial fight expertise. Pilot your jet effortlessly throughout the skies because it engages in heated dogfights towards rival planes!

Your arsenal is supplied with highly effective weaponry that allows you to unleash devastating assaults towards your foes. Goal and fireplace precisely as you attempt outwit and outgun the opposing forces; put your strategic prowess and fight expertise by means of rigorous scrutiny as you pursue victory towards relentless opposition!

As quickly as you step foot on the battlefield, its success rests solely upon you. Outwitting and outgunning enemy assaults is vital for mission success - keep sharp, agile and be ready to make fast, decisive selections below intense aerial battle circumstances!

With every profitable mission, you progress nearer to establishing air superiority and realizing a good end result. Victory awaits these with timeless willpower and unparalleled fight proficiency.

Be prepared for an exhilarating and heart-stopping journey as you pilot the Millenium Fighter! Soar by means of the skies, interact enemy plane fighters, and present your ability as an elite pilot - as a result of your ability and valor rely upon them; its time to unleash all of the may of this superb machine and assert your self on the skies!

Millenium Fighter DESCRIPTION

Fly around with your jet shoot down enemy fighers and return to home base when mission is accomplished.