Monster Mash

Monster Mash

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Monster Mash

Tatertown faces an undead threat, and you need to protect it! In this fun game, you must eliminate menacing monsters in order to save the town.

Tatertown is in need of a hero. You must be quick and have good shooting skills. As you explore Tatertown, you will encounter creepy creatures. Stay alert and be aware as they attack you.

This immersive title with its graphics and sound effects will take players through an adrenaline-pumping experience as they battle waves of undead creatures. Each level is filled with new challenges, as the enemies become more formidable.

The players must use their reflexes to aim at the evil creatures that threaten Tatertown. Tatertown gets closer to safety with each monster you vanquish. But, as the challenges increase, so does the difficulty.

Monster Mash will take you into an adrenaline-filled world where you'll be challenged to prove that your are a steadfast protector of Tatertown. This action-packed game keeps players engrossed as they battle against dark forces to protect Tatertown. Monster Mash has arrived! Prepare to face the ultimate challenge for Tatertown: Monster Mash. Tatertown is depending on you.


Shoot the undead with your gun and save tatertown.