Orc Slayer

Orc Slayer

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Orc Slayer

"Unleash Your inner Hero"

Put yourself into Schmoopiegoobleface's shoes as the courageous knight, and join him on an exciting mission against an army of dangerous orcs! In this exciting game, players will take part in an exciting battle against orc threats.

This game transports players into an exciting, unpredictable, and perilous universe as they step into Schmoopiegoobleface's shoes as an unwavering knight tasked with protecting his realm from marauding orcs. The players must display their fighting skills, strategic reasoning, and unfailing courage to face down these fearsome orcs.

Players will be immersed in a thrilling adventure that includes daring missions, and battles with orcs who are becoming increasingly powerful. Each victory is a step closer to being hailed as heroes in their realm.

To defeat orcs, players must improve their combat skills and use powerful weapons. This game will immerse players in an exciting world filled with danger, heroism, and intense fights.

Players will travel across diverse landscapes as they engage in thrilling battles against the orc horde. Along the way, stunning visuals & soundscapes will immerse them into an engaging world where heroism rules supreme.

You will be able to experience a world in which courage is king and only those who are brave enough to take on orcs can win! Welcome to Orc Slayer, an arena where bravery is king and only the boldest heroes will emerge victorious.

Are you up for it and answer the Call to Arms? Join Schmoopiegoobleface's heroic quest against Orc attacks and unleash your inner hero! Join him right now.


Help Schmoopiegoobleface, the mighty knight kill the evil orcs and safeguard the earth!