Pedal To The Metal

Pedal To The Metal

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Pedal To The Metal

The three magnetic tracks of "Pedal to the Metal", a thrilling high-speed experience, are designed to thrill. This thrilling attraction will test your skills and endurance. You'll be left wanting more!

Once you enter the "Pedal To The metal" you will be immersed in the excitement and adrenaline of racing on magnetic courses. The tracks are designed to provide an exciting race experience for all racers, whether they're experienced or new to racing.

Choose your track and let your inner speed demon out as you navigate turns, straightaways, and twists at breakneck speeds. You will feel the wind rush as you race past your competitors, relying on their reflexes and knowledge to win.

"Pedal to the Metal" is a pure adrenaline rush! These tracks are perfect for solo racers looking for their ideal challenge or groups seeking an exciting racing showdown. So fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for your adrenaline-fuelled experience at "Pedal to the Metal!""!

Pedal To The Metal DESCRIPTION

Speed masters wanted! Three tracks are calling fearless speedsters to race on magnetic tracks.