Pedestrian Killer

Pedestrian Killer

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Pedestrian Killer
Pedestrian Killer INSTRUCTIONS

"Pedestrian Killer," an adrenaline-packed car game designed for complete control with just your mouse, promises the thrill of taking charge and unleashing your inner daredevil! Take charge and prevent pedestrians from reaching the other side - feel the rush as "Pedestrian Killer" propels your sense of control forward with every drive!

Your goal as the captain of an elite car should not simply be driving; your mission must include acting as an effective roadblock - using it strategically to stop pedestrians in their tracks and assert your dominance as master of the road. With each move made you alter pedestrian flow - becoming one step closer towards being master of it all!

Feel the rush as you speed along virtual streets in pursuit of pedestrians crossing. Don't just passively observe, join actively in creating chaos! This game puts the fun back into chaotic streets!

"Pedestrian Killer" challenges you to assert dominance and disrupt pedestrian flow by dominating virtual streets with each successful maneuver, becoming an ultimate obstacle. Your mouse acts not simply as an instrument but is key for unleashing controlled chaos across virtual streets.

At its heart, "Pedestrian Killer" transforms car games into exciting contests of dominance. You must seize power, assert authority and ensure no pedestrian dares to cross your path - take control, rev the engine and use streets as strategic roadblock maneuvers!

Pedestrian Killer DESCRIPTION

Move the car with your mouse and run down the people trying to cross the street mow them down before they get across.