Planet Gobbler

Planet Gobbler

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Planet Gobbler

Planet Gobbler lets you control an incredible cosmic feast. You are a player who must guide a hungry, scavenging gobbler through space to find tasty planets.

Planet Gobbler is a game that immerses players in an intergalactic culinary adventure. This memorable dining adventure is accompanied by vibrant graphics. Planet Gobbler combines fun gameplay and visually appealing aesthetics to create a gaming experience that is enjoyable for all levels of expertise.

The players must guide their gobbler around the universe while choosing planets that suit his taste. Selecting the right planets to feed our cosmic hero requires precision and strategy.

You will be able to guide the gobbler with ease using intuitive controls. This game will test your reflexes, decision making skills and quick reactions as you try to satisfy its insatiable appetite while traveling through space.

Planet Gobbler offers a fun blend of entertainment and strategy that will appeal to players of every age. Planet Gobbler is a rewarding experience for both casual and experienced gamers.

Join the gobbler for a cosmic feast! Planet Gobbler allows you to develop your decision making skills and enjoy stunning visuals. Prepare yourself for a unique intergalactic journey with "Planet Gobbler!"

Planet Gobbler DESCRIPTION

Use the mouse to guide the gobbler to each planet he hungers for but avoid ones of the wrong flavor.