QuickPic 2005

QuickPic 2005

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QuickPic 2005

QuickPic 2005 will put your memory and attention to details to the test. This fast-paced memory game will challenge your mental abilities as you match cards within the time limits and try to recall each card.

QuickPic (2005) challenges players to carefully review a series on cards and commit them as quickly as they can to memory before they are hidden from view, and again hidden from view. It's up to you, once these hidden cards are revealed again, to quickly remember their positions and pair off the pairs before time runs out.

QuickPic 2005 requires players to use their mental agility and quick thinking in order to correctly match cards across each level. Every level presents you with a complex array of cards to match. Each level is an exciting challenge! This game is perfect for all ages.

The game's difficulty increases as it progresses, and players must maintain a high level of concentration while adapting to the increasing pace. QuickPic 2005 is a fun mental exercise that helps to improve memory, cognitive skills, and attention through engaging gameplay.

QuickPic 2005 offers a captivating gaming experience, with its vibrant graphics and intuitive gameplay. Perfect for competitive memory challenges as well as casual brain teasers. Enjoy endless mental stimulation and entertainment.

QuickPic is a fun, dynamic game that will sharpen your mental abilities and engage you in a stimulating and exciting way. Enjoy hours of fun and captivating gameplay while you immerse yourself in its captivating world.


Take a good look at all the cards in the picture, try to memorize them and match them up within the given time.