Shoot the frog

Shoot the frog

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Shoot the frog
Shoot the frog INSTRUCTIONS

"Shoot the Frog" challenges players to help an adorable frog soar through the air by using a trampoline to propel him. Your objective should be to assist this adventurous creature as it traverses space to achieve maximum distance!

Players in this game can control both the direction and force of their frog's launch by carefully timing its bounce on a trampoline. By mastering both timing and trajectory, players can achieve improved results that help their frog soar further into space.

This game provides an engaging and captivating experience as players strive to break personal records and cover greater distances with every launch. As your skills improve, unlock additional features and bonuses to improve frog performance further and expand distance coverage further still.

"Shoot the Frog" offers players an exciting challenge as they test their timing, precision, and strategy to launch the frog to new heights. Players will feel great satisfaction watching it fly into the sky before finally coming down safely below.

The game's engaging and interactive nature encourages players to continuously strive for improvement, providing an enjoyable and addictive experience. By honing their skills and mastering its mechanics, players can experience the excitement of propelling the frog further and accomplishing personal bests!

"Shoot the Frog" is an exciting and engaging game which challenges players to assist a frog as it soars through the air using a trampoline. Boasting addictive gameplay with an emphasis on skill improvement, players aim to propel it higher each round - whether competing against friends or breaking personal records! Shoot the Frog offers fun for people of all ages.

Shoot the frog DESCRIPTION

Help the crazy frog fly as far as possible by bouncing on the trampoline!