Shotgun Orc

Shotgun Orc

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Shotgun Orc

Discover the exhilarating world of Shotgun Orc and engage in an epic battle against wizards, knights and elves using your shotgun! In this high-octane game you are unleashed into an orc rampage, charged with eliminating anything that crosses your path!

Prepare to become completely immersed in heart-pounding action as you navigate a fantastical realm filled with enemies at every corner and turn. Armed with an extremely powerful shotgun, you will use its destructive firepower against numerous adversaries to leave behind an irreparable path of destruction - fast paced gameplay coupled with intense combat mechanics will keep you on edge as you traverse perilous landscapes full of hostiles!

Get deeper into the game, facing increasingly demanding opponents that will put your reflexes and strategic thinking to the test. From cunning wizards to fearsome knights, your opponents will keep you alert for threats on every turn - giving you plenty of chances to show off your marksmanship and combat skills as you dispatch successive waves of foes!

Shotgun Orc offers an adrenaline-filled gaming experience designed to engage those seeking nonstop action and unyielding combat. With its immersive environment and captivating graphics transporting you into a chaotic realm where only the toughest can survive; combined with dynamic gameplay featuring various enemies to defeat, Shotgun Orc guarantees an exhilarating journey sure to satisfy players seeking intensive, high-energy entertainment.

Join Shotgun Orc on an action-packed journey as it navigates a land full of adversaries! Take aim, pull the trigger and unleash mayhem with every shot from your arsenal as enemies try to threaten you - make no mistake: Shotgun Orc will deliver nonstop thrills and exhilarating action packed fun that you won't soon forget - making this game irresistible choice for gamers searching for an adrenaline-charged adventure!


Go on an orc rampage blasting wizards, knights, and elves with your shotgun.