Soul Master

Soul Master

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Soul Master

"Soul Master" transports players into Hell, where they assume the role of Soul Master and seek to lead captive souls toward freedom by leading them toward their tombstone. Your objective as a player should be to demonstrate your skill at effectively shepherding these souls while giving them hope of liberation.

Assuming the challenging task of orchestrating souls to their rightful resting places, players will take up the challenging role of soul master. Players will navigate the underworld to aid souls on their path toward finding peace and freedom - unleashing your full power as Soul Master while fulfilling an essential function as part of leading them there.

As a Soul Master, you will embark on an enthralling adventure filled with challenges as you navigate the perilous underworld. Not only is your mission to capture souls; you must also ensure their safe journey back home - or worse still to their tombstone!

With each successful escort, players will grow more experienced in navigating Hell and in helping souls to peace. The game provides an engaging experience enabling players to channel their inner Soul Master and lead souls toward eternal rest.

"Soul Master" presents players with the challenging yet engaging opportunity of taking up their leadership responsibilities as Soul Masters with enthusiasm and skill, using strategic acumen to guide souls safely to freedom. This engaging game offers them a thrilling way to test out their leadership capabilities as they guide departed souls toward their desired destination.

"Soul Master" offers an engaging and captivating gaming experience, inviting players on an epic quest as they work towards mastery of leading souls out of Hell to freedom and ultimately liberation.


Guide Death through the dark Hell, capture the souls and deliver them to the tombstone to let them escape.