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Squarez is a fascinating game that you can play online. You must strategically arrange the pieces in groups of three to gain points and move up levels.

The game is a combination of puzzles and matching pieces. You will need to use your strategy and speed as you advance through the levels.

Squarez is all about making strategic, deliberate moves to maximize your scores and progress quickly through the game. It's not just about making matches, but finding the optimal match to maximize your score and quickly advance through levels.

Squarez offers more than just the excitement of earning points. It provides a stimulating and engaging gaming experience that keeps players engaged throughout play. Squarez is more than just a game of earning points. It's about overcoming obstacles to reach new milestones and achieving them within the boundaries. This will keep players interested throughout.

Squarez is a thrilling journey through levels. Are you up for the challenge? Prepare to test your skills as you embark on a thrilling ride through Squarez Levels - not just playing, but instead optimizing moves and earning points while having loads of fun!! Do not limit yourself to playing alone: this is an adventure that awaits you!

Squarez is a fun game that you will enjoy.


Set up the pieces rotate them and put them together 3 by 3 or greater to remove them