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Experience the adrenaline-pumping thrills of combat in Stande, an intense shooter game which puts your survival skills through their paces.

Stande is not your usual shooter game: its realistic graphics and immersive sound effects transport you right into a warzone where you must endure, strategize and fight to survive.

Each level presents unique terrains and scenarios to keep you on your toes as you maneuver urban settings as well as rugged landscapes to face an array of enemies and challenges.

Stande puts survival skills center stage. Combat is vitally important, yet resourcefulness and adaptability play an equally vital role. From seeking cover during firefights to gathering supplies scavenger-style, every decision made affects your odds of survival and should be treated as such.

The game provides you with an arsenal of weapons and gear to assist in traversing battlefield terrain and taking down opponents. This gives you everything from firearms and tactical gear, all the way down to military tactics to help navigate it successfully and defeat your enemies.

Teamwork is of utmost importance in Stande. Whether playing with friends or online players, coordination and communication between teammates are vital in meeting and surmounting any challenges encountered while taking on multiplayer modes.

Stande provides an immersive and action-packed gaming experience, realistically depicting combat while emphasizing survival - making it a thrilling choice for gamers looking for a challenge!

So if you want to put your skills through rigorous warfare simulation, Stande is your chance. Take on the role of an authentic soldier and face all of its obstacles while exploring whether you have what it takes to emerge victorious from combat.


Become a real soldier and try to survive in this nice shooter!