Stik Combat

Stik Combat

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Stik Combat

Stik Combat is the perfect way to release pent up aggression. With a baseball bat in hand, you can control as many stick figures that you want until pressure builds. This will relieve tension and frustration. After releasing the figures, return them to their original boxes and restore order. The experience will only get better with each new round.

Stik Combat is a fun and engaging way to release tension. This game offers a safe and interactive environment to release tension, no matter how long or intense your day has been. Stik Combat provides both catharsis as well as rejuvenation!

You can release tension in this game by playing as the one in charge and using a baseball bat to do so. This will provide temporary relief for everyday pressures while also providing satisfaction and relief through destructive action. Play along and "destuction!" now!

It can also feel therapeutic to restore order after chaos, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and closure. You can feel the satisfaction that comes from restoring harmony to an environment by carefully putting stick figures back in their boxes.

Stik Combat can be a great way to relieve tension. Controlled releases have a positive impact on your overall health. Take some time to relax, play Stik Combat and let Stik Combat release any anger or frustration you may be feeling.


STRESS RELIEVER - Hit as many stick figures as you want with a baseball bat, locked inside a room.