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The cornerstone of mathematics, and the basis for arithmetic, is subtraction: it's the act of subtracting one number from another.

Subtracting numbers allows us to find the difference between two values. This skill is essential for many applications in real life, including calculating money, measuring distances, and budgeting.

When performing subtraction, it is useful to know the terms: subtrahend (the term used for subtracting), difference and minuend.

There are several strategies for subtraction. These include the Number Line and Decomposing. It may be useful to start subtraction calculations with a visual representation. Decomposing simplifies subtraction by breaking numbers into smaller parts.

Subtraction is an important part of our everyday lives - whether we are making financial or time management decisions or trying to solve problems. The ability to subtract is an essential skill for everyday life.

Subtraction is a fundamental mathematical concept that can help you improve your mental math skills and problem-solving abilities.

Understanding the concept and application of subtraction will help you to appreciate its importance in your daily life. With perseverance and practice, anyone can master the essential arithmetic operations.


Subtract the numbers as fast as you can.