Super Figther

Super Figther

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Super Figther

Super Fighter is a timeless classic game that lets you unleash your martial arts skills.

Super Fighter is an iconic Kung Fu classic that will add to any martial artist's repertoire. This game allows them to demonstrate their martial art prowess by fighting against opponents who are highly competent. This timeless title gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their fighting skills and test themselves against challenging opponents.

Super Fighter allows you to showcase your skills in martial arts, including hand-tohand combat, kicking and powerful combos.

Battles in the game are designed to test and challenge your skills at every turn. You will be pitted against powerful enemies that test your agility, speed and strategic thinking. Each adversary has its own unique set of obstacles that require you to adjust your fighting style as the game progresses or develop new strategies.

Super Fighter's graphics and animation transport you to an ancient martial arts world. The game was created with great care to depict the moves and intense combat sequences.

The intuitive controls and competitive gameplay of "Super Fighter" will provide hours of entertainment for both martial artists and casual gamers. Super Fighter's classic look is a great draw for anyone who enjoys retro gaming.

Super Fighter is Here to Challenge You! Super Fighter is the perfect way to test your martial art skills and experience intense Kung Fu fights. Enter "Super Fighter" and unleash your inner warrior in epic battles that will keep you captivated for hours. Show off your fighting skills by taking on this epic challenge.


Test your martial arts skills in this Kung Fu classic.