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Discover Titania, one of many largest icy moons, on an expedition to find and gather invaluable ecok crystals - important parts in sustaining life on Titania in addition to important contributors to its financial system!

As you traverse Titania's intriguing terrain, hold a watch out for shimmering crystals tucked into its frozen panorama and gather and safeguard them for transport again to Titania - the hub for ecok crystal mining and commerce.

Returning the valuable minerals again to Titania is not going to solely support financial prosperity however will guarantee its important industries proceed. Retrieving ecok crystals performs a pivotal function in sustaining its existence and serving to its inhabitants prosper.

Assume your mission: put together to discover Titania as a part of this significant exploration mission and safe these important sources, supporting Titania and its inhabitants by means of financial stability and sustainability. Your involvement can have an oblique optimistic impact on Titania itself and its inhabitants!


Locate the ecok crystals and smuggle them back to Titania!