UniWar The Lost Civilization

UniWar The Lost Civilization

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UniWar The Lost Civilization
UniWar The Lost Civilization INSTRUCTIONS

UniWar: The Lost Civilization is an exciting game that places you in the cockpit of a fighter spacecraft. It's your job to eliminate alien hordes before they can bring you down. You'll also have to be on your toes to avoid being hit by a Boss at the end of the game. The controls are intuitive. You use the mouse to aim and click left to fire your weapons. By holding the left mouse, you can unleash a devastating charge shot that will destroy multiple enemy vessels in one hit. You can also bring up the menu in-game by pressing the button, located conveniently on the left top of your keyboard. UniWar: The Lost Civilization is an exciting space combat experience that will have you pumped up with adrenaline. Your mission is to save the universe by thwarting the evil aliens. The fast-paced gameplay, challenging encounters and thrilling storyline will keep you at the edge of the seat as you battle through the universe. UniWar: The Lost Civilization will have you facing off with aliens who are determined to win. Will you be able to rise up to this challenge and win the epic battle over the fate of the galaxy? Are you up to the challenge?

Mouse and left mouse button to aim and shoot respectively.

Holding the left mouse button down for a while charges up your laser gun so it can wipe out more enemy ships.

Press the ~ key (top left of keyboard) to activate a menu console in the game.

UniWar The Lost Civilization DESCRIPTION

Fly your space fighter and shoot the evil aliens before they kill you. You\'ve got a tough Boss in the end to deal with, so avoid getting shot along the way!