WartHog Rampage

WartHog Rampage

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WartHog Rampage

WartHog Rampage will challenge you to stop an army wart hogs escaping. This exciting game will test your skills as you try to control all of these warthogs and prevent them from escaping.

WartHog Rampage brings you face to face with warthogs who are becoming more and more aggressive. You must stop them in the tracks before they attempt to escape. The fast-paced gameplay and action will keep you glued to the screen as this game battles against you for survival!

WartHog Rampage will challenge your skills to the max. WartHog Rampage will test your abilities in many ways, from strategic decision-making to quick reflexes.

WartHog Rampage provides an incredible gaming experience, with immersive sound effects and stunning visuals. It is sure to appeal to players of any level. WartHog Rampage will thrill players of all levels, no matter what their skills are.

WartHog Rampage is an adventure unlike any other. Take on the challenges, test yourself, and find out if you can stop their escape. Immerse yourself into the thrilling action of this game and enjoy an experience unlike any other!


Shoot down the crazed rabid wart hogs using a pistol, shotgun or rocket launcher before they escape.