Get a Grip

Get a Grip

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Get a Grip

Mastering balance and control on a motorcycle requires skill, practice and an abundance of confidence. One of the most exciting and demanding maneuvers for motorcycle enthusiasts is performing wheelies; doing this test of your expertise while showing your ability to maintain balance at high speeds.

For successful wheelie execution, one must grasp the throttle with care and finesse. As you accelerate, applying just enough power to lift off the front end. To achieve this requires delicate manipulation of both throttle and clutch as well as perfect timing and coordination between them both.

Once a wheelie has been started, the real test begins. Balancing your motorcycle on only its rear wheel requires precision in terms of both spatial awareness and control - with your goal being to maintain this stunt as long as possible while pushing yourself both mentally and physically to its limit.

Maintaining a wheelie requires constant adjustments and corrections, including anticipating speed variations, wind resistance changes and road conditions in order to keep the motorcycle steady and upright. Doing this engages all your muscles, reflexes and concentration in one unique experience!

Newcomers to motorcycle stunting may find undertaking their first wheelie an intimidating prospect. Proper safety gear such as helmet, gloves and padding clothing is necessary when undertaking any form of motorcycle stunt riding activity, including wheelies.

No doubting the joy and adrenaline rush associated with mastering a wheelie! A true mark of skill and precision that sets apart top riders. Through practice and commitment you too could join these elite motorcyclists as they master this artform of riding motorcycles.


Jam the throttle and take off to see how long you can do a wheelie.