Mile High Club

Mile High Club

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Mile High Club

Mile High Club membership is an exclusive club and it takes time and effort to get in. Members are invited to join the Mile High Club by demonstrating their incredible skill at launching golf ball between platforms and landing them safely on high-altitude flag platforms.

Becoming a member of the Mile High Club requires mastery of precise ball control and strategic planning, not an easy feat; one needs an in-depth knowledge of both physics and geometry as they calculate and plan out the trajectory of their golf ball, taking into account wind speeds/direction/distance/height of platforms etc.

To join the Mile High Club, you need dedication, practice and a keen eye for detail. Each launch has its own challenges to adjust for variables, execute an ideal shot and it takes patience and persistence as success can take several attempts.

Mile High Club members take great pride in their accomplishments. Their achievements are proof of their commitment and ability to overcome challenging challenges.

Members who are interested in becoming a pilot should be prepared to take on each challenge with the intent of learning from it. Launches offer ample opportunities to improve techniques, as participants can adjust their technique with each launch attempt. They should also make any necessary modifications.

The Mile High Club represents a high honor that comes with completing a difficult and long-lasting task. It represents the determination and imagination of people who want to push the limits of possible.

Mile High Club membership is more than just a skill test. It's a commitment to the club and demonstrates perseverance. Joining the Mile High Club takes precision, patience and a unflinching desire to push yourself beyond perceived boundaries. For those who are up for it, the rewards can also be grandiose.


Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another and get on the flag platform.