Rooftop Skater

Rooftop Skater

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Rooftop Skater

Experience the thrill of imitating Tony Hawk in this rooftop skating adventure. Learn to perform ollies and other breathtaking moves using the dynamic controls. Press the SPACE bar and you can perform a variety maneuvers, including awe-inspiring tricks like ollies. Use the Left and Right arrows to rotate and perform a variety of tricks. You can also adjust the Up and down arrows to perform various moves and maneuvers vertically. As you improve your skating skills, don't forget to try out the many different stunts and tricks you can perform. You can elevate your skating experience by immersing in a vibrant rooftop setting, which offers unlimited possibilities for executing gravity defying moves. Get ready to be swept away by the excitement and adrenaline of this rooftop skating experience. Push your limits to set new records and navigate this exciting urban landscape. Don't be afraid to experiment and combine different moves as you improve your skills. Perfection of your technique will lead to an exciting and rewarding rooftop skating experience. If you feel like taking a break and regrouping, press X. This will gracefully return you to the main menu. Get ready to embrace the thrill of rooftop skateboarding and defy gravity in this electrifying city playground.

SPACE - Ollie & Moves
Right/Left - Push off/ Rotate & Moves
Up/Down - Move Vertically & Moves
x - Exit to Menu

Rooftop Skater DESCRIPTION

Skate around the rooftops like your are Tony Hawk.