Stunt Bike 2004

Stunt Bike 2004

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Stunt Bike 2004
Stunt Bike 2004 INSTRUCTIONS

Stunt Bike 2004, invites you unleash your inner daredevil. Feel the rush of riding a motorcycle on ramps while dodging buses. Enjoy this adrenaline-inducing race as you take the wheel of a motorcycle that challenges obstacles on its way and leaves a dust trail as it conquers the roads.

Stunt Bike 2004 is a game that provides endless excitement. Its high-octane graphics and gameplay provide nonstop action. Stunt Bike 2004 allows you to show off your riding skills with jaw-dropping maneuvers and stunts. Feel the thrill as gravity disappears as you fly in the air as obstacles are dodged.

Stunt Bike 2004, with its dynamic controls and responsive mechanics, offers an immersive gaming experience. Feel every turn, jump or turn-up as you traverse the thrilling courses. Stunt Bike 2004 is a thrilling challenge that will keep both casual and veteran gamers on the edge of your seat.

You will need to test your reflexes to the limit as you rev your engine, launch yourself into the air and aim to clear all obstacles in your way. Feel the wind rush as you tackle the roads with courage, leaving behind an amazing trail of stunts!

Stunt Bike is the ultimate in thrilling rides. Are you willing to show you have the skills to dominate streets and leave your competitors behind you? Take on this challenge to demonstrate your courage and determination by tackling Stunt Bike 2004, and releasing its full potential. Rev that bike up and let its potential shine!

Stunt Bike 2004 DESCRIPTION

Hit the throttle on your motorcycle and clear the busses after jumping the ramp.